Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

My journey with the Lord began at baptism and has formed and shaped my life ever since.  I have served in ordained ministry for 17 years with my lovely wife, Teri and two wonderful children, Ashley and Austin.  "Reaching out in love" and "meeting people where they are" serve as guiding principles for me in pursuing life as a disciple of Jesus.  At Palestine Lutheran Church, we strive to be a community in which faith and life meet in a daily encounter with the Lord.  We welcome all to come and journey with us and discover life anew each day..

I started worshiping at Palestine in 1999 right before the millennium shift and have enjoyed calling Palestine my home congregation for these past 14 years.  I spend the majority of my time teaching music to kindergarten  students through fifth grade at Madison Elementary in Des Moines.  My favorite things are making music with strangers or good friends, climbing trees and eating family dinners!  I look forward to the many ministry and fellowship opportunities that are waiting to be had at Palestine!
​I have been a life long member of Palestine.  My roots go back to the beginning.  I am a direct descendant of 6 of the original group that formed Palestine.  I enjoy travel, reading, and doing handiwork (crocheting, knitting, hardanger, and cross stitch, & chicken scratch).  It is interesting to meet the variety of people that I come in contact with through the church office.  My husband and I live on his family farm south and east of the church.  We have 2 adult daughters.

Eric Klimpel